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"You give me something..."

I'm stealing Seven's music post, wherein I put my music player on random and then write the first line of the first 20 songs that come on and YOU have to guess the song. YAY!
The crappy thing is, I haven't heard half the songs that came up. So you're going to think I'm a sappy country listening girl with suppressed rage, possibly. Nothing I listen to on a regular day-to-day basis played. AT ALL. I may have too much music. But is that even possible? I think not. I just go through music phases and that is how I've acquired half this stuff.

Also, I cheated twice because the same artists played more than once.

So... here are my songs: (and answers are next to the songs. Just highlight your way to the truth. How poetic; I should write songs. Or not.)

1.       “There ain’t no reason things are this way.” –Brett Dennen, Ain’t No Reason

2.       “My momma said to stay away from guys like you.” Save Ferris, I Know (10 Things Soundtrack)

3.       “Oh…Mm… I’m not always strong.” Shania Twain, The Woman In Me (Needs the Man in You)

4.       “Dear, I feel we’re facing a problem.” The Cardigans, Lovefool

5.       “ Ooo… I used to cry myself to sleep at night.” Whitney Houston, All the Man That I Need

6.       “Killing in the name of!” Rage Against the Machine, Killing In The Name Of

7.       “I made a promise to myself.” Dixie Chicks, I believe in love

8.       “Do…do…do… File me away in your heart someday.” Badly Drawn Boy, File Me Away

9.       “I heard there was a secret chord.” Rufus Wainwright, Hallelujah

10.   “Listening to the musak, hearing people scream.” Weird Al, Cavity Search

11.   “I know tonight she comes.” The Cars, Tonight She Comes

12.   “Mary Anne and Wanda were the best of friends” Dixie Chicks, Goodbye Earl

13.   “Situation number one, it’s the one that’s just begun.” Jack Johnson, Situations

14.   “Oh, yeah… There ain’t a woman in the world that wants to hear the word yes.” Brad Paisley, That’s Love

15.   “There’s something sweet.” Beauty and the Beast, Something There

16.   “Pity, take pity on me.” Death Cab for Cutie, A Diamond and a Tether

17.   “Deep in 100 acre woods.” Winnie-the-Pooh

18.   “Sensations drift away.” Steve Miller Band, Keeps Me Wondering Why

19.   “I feel like I’ve been blown apart.” Merril Bainbridge, When I Kiss Your Mouth

20.   “Give me a bottle of your very best.” George Strait, Unwound

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