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Fin-lessness and other stories.

 I think I could live on salad and cake for the rest of my life. My probably very short life, but they are oh, so good.

Shark: The Wannabe Movie in Susan's Head
By: Susan
In other news, "Sharks killed one human in 2007, according to the International Shark Attack File, but humans killed an estimated 38 million sharks for their fins each year, Baum said." AH-HAH! It's about damn time to make my movie. 

The rest of the article can be found here.

Between then and now
A short story by Susan
Wow. I forgot I was writing this. I chatted with C for a hot minute on messenger and texted this guy I met on Saturday night who I've been playing phone tag with since yesterday. 

A Smash in Class
Based on real-life events. By: Susan
Aside from that, my project was not torn to smithereens as my first one sort of was. I was very determined to discuss all the elements of the piece. Ok, not all. I didn't go up and talk for hours. I just explained myself and my choices in a more confident way; I had reasons for the font I chose, etc. Cute boy was still as cute and preppy as ever but wasn't finished with his project so that was disappointing. (His last one was awesome. I swear, I'm only attracted to his mind. Wait, what? That's a lie. Anyway.)

Cake: Not the Band
Still working on the application. Still stressed as frell. But the cake and salad put me in a better mood. Although I'm suddenly exhausted. Damn the cake!

Choose your ending
A story in the making
I went back and added the "titles" and the by-lines. Obnoxious as hell? You decide! If you find it obnoxious as hell, stop reading or leave a rude comment. If not, keep reading and leave a comment.

Politics: The truth behind the lies
Susan, her thoughts.
So, apparently the other week (last week, in fact) when we went to the Hilary Clinton party, I signed up to volunteer to be a precinct leader. They called me tonight and left a message (I have class!) telling me that there were training sessions tomorrow or this weekend. I think it's kind of cool. At first I was like, oh, shit, I signed up for what? But I've got essay tomorrow and Austin or San An or something like that this weekend, so I don't know. I guess I'll call back tomorrow and find out more.

The end.
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