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 I went to see Redbelt last night. It's a movie about this guy who teaches mixed martial arts and is forced into fighting in a competition. I was a little hesitant to go and see it at first. I mean, a movie about fighting, yay. (That was an unenthusiastic yay, btw, in case you missed that.) But it was actually quite good. The story built very well and characters were introduced in a way that seemed chanced but were intertwined with the entire plot as the movie progressed. Two guys from Love Actually were in it so it was fun to place them. We had the theatre to ourselves so we were loud and made comments throughout. But it was actually kind of a quiet movie. I went to see it with Cesar and his sensei, Michael, and it was even more interesting to see it squished between two people who practice martial arts. There was one scene that was one of the best scenes I've seen in awhile. The main character, Mike Terry, walks out and away from the camera and you see a woman (we know who she is) walk toward him, he pauses to look at her, then they walk back toward the camera one on either side of a small gate, talking. She stops suddenly and slaps him. It's awesome because the entire time they're talking we don't hear anything at all but you know what's going on. It was gorgeous. I was afraid it was going to be lots of fighting and blood and instead it was like an independent movie about someone who practiced MMA. 

the very very end was stupid
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