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Even my  horoscope predicted it: Foreign travel is highly advisable, although even a trip to the park could yield some fun. That's right. A trip to the park. I met Ivory at 6 pm today to go for a jog. We went for a walk around the waterway instead. We scaled walls, encountered wild animals, a dog it's owner couldn't control, an obstacle course, quick sand, rough terrain, and an irrate cop.

Part of the path was closed due to construction, but I was not to be deterred, so we climbed over several railings and gates to get around it. Wild animals: Ducks. Ferocious dog? A tiny dog a lady was having trouble keeping to the side as the trolley passed. There was one section where they were laying the foundation for the sidewalk (yes, it was blocked off, but who really reads signs anyway? or notices large gates barricading the walkway? puh-lease) so they had the wood and metal parts down. It was sort of like jumping tires. Ok, I may have exaggerated about the quicksand. It poured yesterday so there was mud, squishy mud everywhere there wasn't a path. 

So, Ivory and I are walking back on the path once we cross the blocked off portion of mud and construction. There's a cop ahead of us at the bridge. Oh, shit. There's no way for us to explain how we got there without possibly getting into trouble. Ivory and I talk to each other hoping to ignore the cop and walk on by. No such luck. He waited for us. "So. Is that path still blocked off?" he asked. Ivory is closer so she answers. I'm one of those people who when faced with a serious or sad situation has the insane urge to laugh. At first she's like, path, what path? He motions toward the direction we came from. "Oh. Yeah, it is," she agrees. He asks if we were walking back from it after finding it closed. She agreed that we are. I would have come clean, I mean, what's he gonna do, arrest us? lol. He could have. Anyway, it was so funny. We walked away before bursting out laughing. 

Anyway, it was tons of fun. And random. But good. I've been off my exercise path of excellence these past few days. And feeling sort of sluggish and out of sorts. So, this was just what I needed. 

OH! In other news, on this day, March 11, 2008 at 7:20pm my car clicked over to 111,111 miles. Yes, I have the pictures to prove it. It's sort of awesome. Hehe.
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