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 Finals are over, yay!  Almost died last week. That was a grand total of 3 projects and one exam. Got about 3 hours of sleep a night the entire week, had a (very public) crying jag, mmm... was all set to talk to cute guy at the end of our class but that didn't pan out. He stayed later to talk to the prof and I tried to walk out as slowly as possible but i couldn't stay around without looking like a stalker so I had to give up. Sad. And the next day this guy from my other class walked out with me and we talked about our exam and then he turned to me and I was like, oh, shit... and he asked me for my number. But it was in a very sweet way and he's kinda geeky and like, 12 so I said sure maybe we could get together and talk about Photoshop. Yay! Anyway...

And last night it was my friend Stephanie's birthday and I agreed to be the DD and we drove out to Spring to a bar that's almost exactly like Molly's (which is 7 minutes from my house instead of 25). It was me, Stephanie, Ivory, and Cesar. A full car. So we went to the bar and it was kind of fun. We met other people up there and then another friend, Megan, showed up. I drank coke all night. And I signed to Stephanie if she wanted a shot (One night when we went out, we made up our own sign language. It's AWESOME. Stephanie made most of it. Need is like you're kneading bread. Go is a face like you're constipated. So imaging people using this in a bar; it's pretty hilarious). She agreed and I was trying to ask her which one she wanted so I tried to sign "buttery nipple". Anyway, she's like, peanut butter? And we laugh and joke about a peanut butter shot and she tells me to order it with a straight face so when the waitress comes back I order 4 peanut butter jelly shots (not for me) and a coke. "Peanut butter and jelly?" the waitress asks, clearly confused. I nod as though everyone knows what a pb&j shot is. Okay, she agrees and leaves. We're all like, she agreed? WFT? 

Suddenly everyone wonders what other weird shots their could be. "I'll take the mutton shot." "Could I have a shot of ham and cheese, please?"

So she comes back with 4 shots and a coke. Everyone sniffs the shots and wonders what the hell is in them. Apparently they taste like PB&J and sadly, the actually ARE a shot. We were going to ask for random, made-up shots for the rest of the night but Ivory and C told her our plan and how asking for something way out in left field actually turned out to be a shot. Frangelico (?) and raspberry, btw. 

Anyway, it was hilarious. If you're out in a bar sometime, try it! Make up some name and ask for that shot. Stephanie asked for a suicide but by that time the waitress had caught on and wasn't amused. If I were a bartender, I'd throw random shit together and make my own shot. You want a suicide? I'd put crazy alcohol mixed together. Why not? You don't know what it is and if they do, they'll tell you it's wrong and what's actually in it, right? I think suicide is a good name for a shot. 

"I'll take a taxi. On the rocks." "Could I get a stressed out college student and a coke?"
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